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My first experience with the Stock-markets was during my MBA in August 1987, right before the 87 crash. Needless to say I fell in love with the markets and studied everything I could on Timing and Cycles in the Markets, including Gann, Bayer, Baumring, Astrology, Geometry, etc. Although I loved the markets, the markets didn't love me the 1st 7 years. Then I found a unique "Ezekiel Wheel" (Symmetry Point Cycle) based on the works of James Brock and in October 1994, I turned $5000 into over $112,000 in one month. I thought I had found the Golden Key to unlock all the market profits, but the markets again humbled me. I spent the next 7 years studying and researching various unique Time and Cycle methods. Then in June 2000, I met my Partner and I became a full time Investment Manager. Life, like Markets goes through Cycles and the next 7 years, I had the most valuable, enriching lessons in my life wrt Markets, People and  managing Money. It was very enlightening. This brings us to the present day, where I feel the need to share and teach what I have learned and that is what this blog and website is all about. I hope it is worthwhile to you.

Predicting exact stock market future Highs and Lows has been my passion and mission, but for many it is often futile, if not impossible. However, the probabilities increase with the right Timing and cycle tools. It is of course never an easy task. There are always many various Times and Cycles to consider that tips the scales either way. It is not only unique Time Change in Trends (CIT) that predict a market turn within +/-1 day that needs to be considered, but various precise Cycles, that predict exact Highs and Lows, +/-1 day, for both intraday and daily. I also take into account high probability Market Statistics, Elliott waves, Master Time Codes, etc. etc. The main goal for anyone should be to find those high probability and profitable outcomes.

The Raj T&C Daily Email is sent out 5 days a week, with 1 or 2 intraday updates and covers the various unique Time and Stock market Master Cycles for both swing traders and intra-day daytraders.

Raj Ian G., BSc, MBA timeandcycles@gmail.com

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vicsilver said...

Hi Raj,

I am impressed by your work. I was wondering if you the the April 4 highs in the SPX will hold and if we will test 1810 by May 12-14.